Ashtanga Yoga Tree is open every weekday except on moon days and public holidays.
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Mysore Style

Monday to Thursday

7:00 - 10:00

Entries until 8:30


Mysore Style

Tuesday and Thursday

12:30 - 14:00

Entries at 12:30

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Mysore Style

Monday to Thursday

18:45 - 20:30

Entries until 19:30

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Guided Class

+ Pranayama + Chanting

For experienced students


7:15 - 09:00

Entries at 7:00

If you would like to study with us choose one of the two:

​Come and observe
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Come for a trial class and/or a trial month (see Guidelines)

Mysore style

This is the most traditional way of practicing Ashtanga Yoga. It was in the city of Mysore, Índia, that Sri K. Pattabhi Jois lived and transmitted the knowledge that he obtained from his Guru T. Krishnamacharya.

This form of teaching integrates all levels of practice in the same class. From beginners to the more advanced practitioners, all can practice and be supported according to their needs. The teacher follows each student individually, teaching her/him the series of postures (asanas). During this process, the teacher provides personalised and detailed instructions pose by pose.

We teach the correct breathing, bandhas activation, alignment, dristi (gazing point), as well as the other elements essential to the practice (eg: yamas and nyamas).

The years of practice, health/physical conditions, focus ability and breathing control, among others, will constitute determinant elements to be constantly in consideration. 

The practice is learned gradually, by repetition. This way, with time, it is expected that the student memorizes the sequences.

In these unique classes, the student develops a relationship of commitment with the teacher and eventually with oneself. The students learn to take responsibility over their yoga practice that becomes an integral part of themselves. This method allows the students to learn some of the most advanced postures in a safe and trustful mode.

Committing to a regular practice of this system and following the method leads the practitioner to the opportunity of truly deepening the self perception in an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual way. The Mysore Style practice is directed to those who are interested in expanding their potential not only on the yoga mat but also beyond it.

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“In the begginer´s mind there are many possibilities. In the expert´s mind there are few.”
Shunryu Suzuki Rush

Guided class

These classes are defined by being led from the start until the end. It is through the counting of the vinyasas (breathing and movement in coordination) and the number of breaths that sequence by sequence, posture by posture, breath by breath, the teacher leads the students through the Ashtanga Yoga series.

These classes are not open to early beginners because they require a previous knowledge of the basic sequence (until Parsvottanasana) or in some cases, all standing sequence with the right counting of the number of breaths to do each of the sequences/postures.

Traditionally, when the practice is done on a daily basis (5/6 times a week), these classes are done at the beginning and the end of the week (ex.: monday and saturday). The main idea of these classes is to train a pace that should be as close as possible to the one done individually by each student in the Mysore Style classes – applying each breath for each movement.

All of this means that the student should abandon any tendency to anticipate the entrance or exit in the postures developing this way the essential capacity of listening and being present in each and every single moment.

The energy in the yoga room is harmonised when, through breathing, all lungs become one, and the benefits are instantly felt by all of the practitioners. Don’t let your EGO disturb this class!